Chatsworth Products unveils ZetaFrame data center cabinet

Feb. 8, 2021
The ZetaFrame Cabinet from Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is billed as "a total, turnkey solution that integrates with power, cable and thermal management accessories to support next-generation compute."

Chatsworth Products (CPI) today introduced its ZetaFrame Cabinet, billed as a highly engineered data center cabinet solution that the company says provides "quick-turn, built-to-order configurability, combined with industry-leading load capacity and scalability."

"The introduction of ZetaFrame is the culmination of CPI's 30-year history delivering highly engineered cabinet platforms that provide broad customization capabilities in a rapid build-to-order manufacturing model, which in turn optimizes our customers' IT infrastructure deployments," says Ted Behrens, executive vice president of global engineering, product management & marketing, at CPI.

Suited for a wide variety of infrastructure applications, the ZetaFrame cabinet provides a superior level of configurability and customization, contends the company. Power, electronic access control and cable management accessories are all factory-installed, so cabinets arrive at a customer's facility ready to be populated and deployed.

Key features and benefits of ZetaFrame Cabinet, as enumerated by CPI, include:

  • Fast Selection and Customization – A wide range of standard configurations and complimentary consultation services allow customers to create a tailored solution that meets their exact requirements.
  • Future-Proof Capacity – Roll-formed, tubular and fully welded steel frame architecture supports market-leading 5,000 lb (2268 kg) static and 4,000 lb (1814 kg) dynamic loads.
  • Integrated Power and Airflow Management – Seamless integration with optional power and airflow management accessories under a single part number ensures quick deployment.
  • Integrated Bonding – Doors and panels bond to the frame through hinges and contact points, eliminating the need for attaching separate grounding straps to cabinet components.
  • Enhanced Cable Management – ZetaFrame's simple and versatile cable management accessories can be used independently or in combination to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

"In our always-on world, speed of deployment is arguably one of the most important aspects of data center operations," comments Duke Robertson, sr. product manager of cabinet solutions at CPI. "Whether customers are planning for a rack-and-stack or rack-and-roll application, in large cloud/enterprise or smaller edge data centers, ZetaFrame provides robust support for any equipment requirement an operation needs."

CPI notes that the ZetaFrame cabinet maintains the same footprint as existing CPI cabinets, including the GF-Series GlobalFrame Gen 2 Cabinet System, F-Series TeraFrame Gen 3 Cabinet and F-Series TeraFame HD Cabinet, but delivers a significant increase in capacity and efficiency.

Learn more about CPI's ZetaFrame cabinet.

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