Belden expands focus on data center market

April 14, 2021
Belden’s significant investment in its data center offering is reflected with the addition of new commercial and support resources, product enhancements, specialized programs and purchase incentives.

Belden (NYSE: BDC), a global supplier of specialty networking platforms, has announced a significant investment in its solution and services offering for the data center market.

“This first phase of investment is an enhancement of capabilities, maintaining the focus on the customer,” explains Vinoo Thomas, Business Director, Strategic Categories, at Belden. "We have already made additions to customer engagement teams such as sales and technical services resources, along with collaboration tools such as our soon-to-be-launched Mobile Collaboration Center. New product introductions and improved production capacities for data center-specific products are also included in this phase.”

Belden says the new platform enhancements support the density, scalability, uptime assurance, space-saving, efficiency and ease of use requirements for every type of data center, including enterprise, edge, colocation, hyperscale and containerized data centers. The company’s holistic data transmission technologies range from cable and connectivity to power and cooling, security, access control, monitoring and more.

Belden says it has placed a particular focus on the colocation, enterprise and edge data center markets, offering a collaborative approach to working with its customers. In the deployment phase, Belden data center experts work closely with customers, taking on a partnership approach to design tailored systems that adapt to the customer’s specific, mission-critical facility requirements.

Moreover, Belden notes its solutions for data centers are designed "to be used anywhere within white space to grey space, including facilities management and core IT, Ethernet over IP (EoIP) and OT requirements for building controls, command and control, security and surveillance."

Belden says its platform offering for data centers is always evolving to meet and exceed data center demands, specifically within these product lines:

  • The DCX System which the company contends handles the industry’s highest per-square-foot fiber connection density, while maximizing signal integrity and usability through a system of optical distribution frame housings, rack-mount solutions, pre-terminated fiber assemblies and cassettes, etc.
  • Fiber Pre-Terminated Assemblies, including fiber patch cords, hydra patch cords, mass fusion pigtails, MPO trunk assemblies and multi-fiber cable assemblies that offer superior quality and performance.

“Belden’s global footprint ensures that our experts are always available to work alongside your team to learn about your business, understand your processes and design and configure your colocation data centers,” says Chrissy Olsen, Global Sales Director, Data Centers at Belden. “‘High density’ doesn’t have to equal ‘difficult to manage’ and ‘lower density’ doesn’t have to equal ‘lower quality.’ We ensure that—regardless of size—data centers can have it all.”

In addition to investments in new data center solutions and services, Belden will also be introducing its Mobile Collaboration Center, a “data center on wheels,” in June 2021.

This 43 foot trailer will showcase Belden’s large range of fiber-optic high density cable and connectivity solutions and services for data center applications. As the program evolves, Belden will also offer several additional data center-specific programs such as partner training and product promotions to support upcoming projects.

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