CyberPower debuts PowerPanel Cloud app to monitor UPS systems

April 21, 2021
The CyberPower PowerPanel Cloud App is billed as "a game changer for SMBs and IT service providers." The app helps monitor the power status of business-critical electronics such as POS systems, telecom equipment and workstations.

Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc., a specialist in power protection and management products, has announced the release of its PowerPanel Cloud app, which enables remote monitoring of CyberPower UPS [uninterruptible power supply] systems from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Designed for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as desktop applications, the new app simplifies power monitoring of one or more CyberPower UPS systems to reduce IT resources and gain operating efficiencies.

In the app, UPS systems are monitored from a colorized dashboard, providing at-a-glance monitoring of each unit’s status, including instant problem recognition and power conditions such as battery capacity and estimated runtime.

The app is billed as "the ideal solution for monitoring CyberPower UPS systems at small- and medium-sized business (SMB) settings, including retailers and restaurants that rely on digital cash registers and other point-of-sale (POS) systems, IT service providers, POS integrators and IT-savvy consumers."

The app is enabled wirelessly with separately purchased PowerPanel Cloud cards, RCCARD100 and RWCCARD100, for each UPS system. The CyberPower PowerPanel Cloud app is available as a free download from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Flexible licensing options are available for all sizes of businesses.

“The CyberPower PowerPanel Cloud App is a game changer for SMBs and IT service providers. It helps monitor the power status of business-critical electronics such as POS systems, telecom equipment and workstations,” comments Tim Derochie, director of product management at CyberPower. “In addition, the new accompanying wireless cloud cards are another industry first, allowing internet connection to a UPS system where a network jack cannot be installed.”

Innovative features of the CyberPower PowerPanel Cloud app, as summarized by the company, include:

  • Easy to connect: download the app to your device and set up an account.
  • Intuitive design: at-a-glance color graphics and indicators provide instant UPS status, network power conditions, and problem recognition.
  • Decentralized power monitoring: allows for convenient monitoring of UPS systems by segment, client or location—ideal for IT service providers that need to monitor multiple sites on the same platform.
  • Flexible account set-up: users can organize their UPS systems in the app by different groupings, such as company, geographic location or building floor.
  • Event logs of UPS system status provide insights for remote troubleshooting and prevention of power issues.
  • Real-time alert notifications, sent via email or in-app messaging, allow users to address power events immediately.

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