Fiber Mountain makes its way onto Department of Defense Approved Products List

April 22, 2021
The Glass Core Company’s Sensus Intelligent Layer 1 System and its AllPath Director Orchestration Software 5.1 achieved DoD Information Network (DoDIN) Approved Products List (APL) certification for Customer Premises Equipment.

Fiber Mountain recently announced two of its products—the Sensus Intelligent Layer 1 System and AllPath Director Orchestration Software Rel. 5.1—achieved U.S. Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) Approved Products List (APL) certification. The Sensus system brings intelligence to the physical layer using AllPath Director, Fiber Mountain said.

“The certification was drawn on rigorous Security Technical Implementation Guide [STIG] testing, a configuration standard for the secure controls and associated Security Requirements Guide [SRG] based on the DoD policy,” the company explained. “In order to be compliant, a Defense Information Systems Administration [DISA]-defined series of tests were conducted and the products were evaluated,” Fiber Mountain further said. Specifically, the products were evaluated against the following.

  • Application Security and Development STIG
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 STIG
  • VMware vSphere 6.5 Virtual Machine STIG
  • Network Device Management SRG
  • Web Server SRG

Tachyon Dynamics provided consultancy services to Fiber Mountain, helping to guide the company from preparation through the APL testing phase.

“Today Fiber Mountain is proud to be among the 102 esteemed companies in the U.S. that have successfully achieved the DoDIN’s APL certification benchmark,” Fiber Mountain said. It added that it is one of only 18 companies that fall under the Customer Premises Equipment category within DoDIN.

“APL-approved status provides a validation of Fiber Mountain’s secure, scalable and widely accepted products,” the company continued. “It further provides the federal agencies with an opportunity to transform their physical layer by deploying Fiber Mountain’s intelligent devices. The Glass Core Company is delighted to announce that we passed an extensive certification process that was thoroughly scrutinized under the supervision of the DoD, with flying colors.” The issue date of the DoDIN APL certificate is February 3, 2021, Fiber Mountain concluded.

Fiber Mountain uses sensor technology and software, with fiber-optic cables and patch panels, to bring innovation to the data center’s physical layer, the company pointed out. “Fiber Mountain provides real-time knowledge about deployed topology, network connectivity, planned and unplanned changes, security and intrusion detection, and overall health of the data center physical infrastructure,” it said.

The Sensus device is a passive patch panel that brings active intelligence to the physical layer, allowing users to check the available connections within a data center or large network. AllPath Director integrates hardware and software to transform the network while being centrally managed. Fiber Mountain further explained that its Glass Core Network uses Sensus and APD to help operations teams know exactly which ports specific cables are plugged into, when the cables were plugged in, and where the other ends are connected.

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