OpenColo selects Nokia data center switches for colocation facility

May 18, 2021
OpenColo also will use elements of Nokia’s optical transport portfolio to provide connectivity.

By STEPHEN HARDY -- Nokia says that OpenColo, an international colocation provider with a facility in Santa Clara, CA, has selected the technology supplier’s 7220 Interconnect Router (IXR) for data center switching powered by the SR Linux network operating system (NOS). OpenColo also will use elements of Nokia’s optical transport portfolio to provide connectivity.

OpenColo’s facility in Santa Clara includes a 71,000 square foot data center designed and operated by parent Energy Group Networks (EGN). The carrier-neutral facility offers robust DDoS protection and multiple 100G connectivity points to several upstream providers for domestic and international traffic.

EGN has implemented a busway power delivery system for custom power configurations and faster power upgrades, N+1 cooling, and 2N power redundancy, which enables the offering of a 100% uptime SLA. The services that OpenColo supports include bare metal and managed servers, cloud streaming, and data center connectivity.

To meet the needs of the facility’s customers, Nokia is supplying the 7220 IXR backed by SR Linux, which the company describes as providing not an NOS but a NetOps development toolkit that helps automate data center network operations.

To provide connectivity to its customers, OpenColo also has ordered the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) to for data center interconnect using dual optical fiber connections running at 100 Gbps. OpenColo also will leverage the Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR), based on Nokia FP4 silicon, to provide IP routing, including peering and interconnection to multiple service providers.

“Nokia and its SR Linux was an easy choice,” commented Scott Brookshire, CTO of EGN. “We wanted a solution that was extensible, open, supported telemetry and gNMI, and was provided by a company that transforms networking both on the hardware and software side. Even more, we needed a partner that understands our needs and can work very closely with us to reimagine our architecture and solve some of our biggest problems. We also appreciated that Nokia builds and supports its hardware, so we have a single vendor to manage and work with should we ever run into problems.”

STEPHEN HARDY is Editorial Director and Associate Publisher of Lightwave, CI&M's close co-brand in Endeavor Business Media.

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