Bluebird Network lights 300-mi. fiber circuit, grows on-net/near-net buildings to 74K

June 9, 2021
Bluebird reports it is now providing 400 Gbps services across the state of Missouri.
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Flag of Missouri
Flag of Missouri

Bluebird Network (Columbia, MO), a communications infrastructure provider operating across 10,000 miles of fiber and two data centers, on June 8 announced the launch of its new 400 Gbps fiber service across the state of Missouri, as well as the addition of 9,000 buildings now able to easily access the company’s fiber network.

Bluebird says a newly deployed 300-mile circuit connecting St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri allows the company to provide its customers with network speeds 4x that of its previous optical circuit offering. Traversing the state, while also connecting the cities of Warrensburg, Sedalia and Columbia, the new fiber build "creates a high-speed information superhighway across Missouri," adds the provider. 

The project reached completion at an optimal time, notes Bluebird, as the company added 9,000 new on-net and near-net buildings and towers as a result of its continued fiber expansion, raising the new total of buildings with access to its services to 74,000.

Via the new fiber build, Bluebird Network says its new and current customers will have access to faster speeds and will experience more redundancy and flexibility.

“Bluebird has always created unique routes helping us stand out and offer diversity from larger incumbent companies,” comments Doug Zerr, vice president of engineering for Bluebird Network. “With this new circuit crossing through Missouri, we now have more places we can build out to at a much more affordable rate. This is going to give us a competitive edge like we’ve never had before.”

As a critical part of its business practices, the company notes it strives to provide the best services for a seamless customer experience, and that even during this new project, none of its customers experienced downtime due to construction. For more information, visit:

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