Legrand introduces Cablobend flexible wire-mesh fittings

June 11, 2021
Cablobend saves labor time typically spent creating bends and vertical drops in data centers.

Legrand recently introduced Cablobend Systems, a flexible wire-mesh fitting that saves labor time typically spent by contractors creating vertical drops for data centers. Cablobend is the latest addition to the Cablofil brand of cable management system.

The Cablobend System provides a new way for contractors to work on data center projects, Legrand explained when introducing it. “Every data center requires numerous cable tray bends and drops—sometimes thousands in just one installation,” the company said. “With traditional cutting and bending, each drop can take over four hours to complete. The Cablobend Systems provide the freedom to flexibly create the bends and drops needed with no cutting required.”

“In response to the cable tray market demand for faster installation of horizontal and vertical bends, we’re thrilled to provide the Cablobend System, which not only provide labor and time savings but also offers a much easier installation than competitive products,” explained Chris Cooper, national account manager at Legrand. “For example, vertical bends with horizontal adjustments typically take contractors four hours for one bend. Cablobend gives them the ability to do this in 15 minutes, thus drastically reducing installation time.”

Cablobend Systems encompass wire mesh grid assemblies that bend and flex, giving contractors seamless cable runs at the most difficult installation points, Legrand further explained. “With a wide variety of widths and combinations, it’s easy to create nearly every bend needed with one product. Contractors can simply stretch and bend the flex wires a maximum of 4 inches at any location to fit configurations up to 90 degrees horizontally or vertically, or join sections together for increased rigidity and strength.”

The fittings are available in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch heights and 6-, 8-, 12-, 18-, and 24-inch widths. They are available in silver and black finishes. Each segment can lock in the field for rigidity. The complete Cablobend System arrives at the jobsite welded together and preassembled.

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