Atlanta IT managed services firm Cortavo details data center refresh

Sept. 13, 2021
Cortavo's engineering leads Peter Miles and Paul Coad partnered with Tom Lasswell, the firm's vice president of IT operations, for the project.

Cortavo, an IT managed services provider (MSP) based in Atlanta, Georgia, reports that it has undergone a full-scale data infrastructure refresh, spanning from May to July of 2021.

In the facility refresh, Cortavo's engineering leads Peter Miles and Paul Coad partnered with Tom Lasswell, the firm's vice president of IT operations, for the project. This internal team completely upgraded the Cortavo data center hardware supporting their VPS [virtual private server] cloud service and all their hosted customers.

Normally, hardware and software refreshes represent a standard routine of continuous system hygiene required of all data centers -- yet Cortavo contends "this refresh was far from the routine."

As stated by the firm:

The overhaul included new cabinets, robust servers, the latest Intel CPUs, more RAM, better cabling and generous storage hardware. The refresh also consisted of a host software upgrade to the latest versions of VMware and vCloud Director, widening their storage capacity to operate faster with plenty of extra capacity for growth and upgrading their internet connectivity.

Clearing for the cloud

Cortavo's technology refresh also marked the debut of the Cortavo Cloud offering, the firm's VPS cloud hosting service offered to small and medium-sized businesses.

The firm said the facility refresh fortifies its system capacity to shoulder the demands of Cortavo's new suite of cloud services, stepping up user experience through several key benefits as reckoned by the firm, including:

  • Processing Speeds:  The overhaul replaced the previous processors with the latest generation of Intel 3.1 GHz processers, thereby raising the clock speed for better user performance and experience.
  • SD-WAN:  New hardware appliances allow for redundant internet connection through a vast peering network with other major data centers spanning a secure tunnel. This tunnel connects through a powerful backbone beginning with a major local hub, producing a short communications pathway with increased speed, resulting in a better browsing and phone experience with no latency. Cortavo Cloud's new hosting offers a full, redundant internet connection leveraging two channels and two different carriers for enhanced speed by prioritizing channels of least resistance.
  • Enhanced Storage:  Accompanying a recent enlargement of storage, all primary workloads run on solid-state drives while nearline storage for archive and retention resides on advanced Seagate hard drive storage.
  • vCloud Director:  Allows for multi-tenancy in a VMware environment. This environment grants console entry to view the machine's admin panel as a typical administrator, thus offering an access level currently unavailable with other major cloud providers. System security scales with usage and multi-tenancy, and NSX-TTM Data Center adds a virtualization layer to the network providing another layer of software protection.

Cortavo's Lasswell concluded, "As many project participants have realized, this is not simply a routine refresh, but also an upgrade. With this new infrastructure in place, our Cortavo Cloud VPS customers and users should experience lightning-fast interactions, proceed with the confidence of heightened security and enjoy console access seldom granted with big cloud providers. This is a huge leap forward for our clients and they're going to feel the difference as they use our services."

The brand Cortavo defines an all-inclusive MSP solution created by Aventis Systems. Based in Atlanta, GA, Cortavo provides all the hardware, software and cloud services necessary to address small businesses' technology needs and challenges at a predictable monthly cost. The company manages technology expansion and supports thousands of small business employees throughout the Southeastern United States.

For more information, call 1.866.267.8286, or visit

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