The definitive guide to data center immersion cooling

Nov. 18, 2021
GRC's new eBook details how liquid immersion cooling is the optimal solution to address today’s top data center initiatives and considerations, including next-gen applications, edge deployments, HPC, rising rack densities, and sustainability mandates.
Austin, TX -based Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), an expert in single-phase immersion cooling technology for data centers, today announced the publication of it new eBook, The Definitive Guide to Immersion Cooling: Reduce Costs, Scale Easily, Enhance Sustainability.
The document demonstrates how liquid immersion cooling technology "is the field-proven, cost-effective, highly scalable, and quickly-deployable solution that addresses many of the complex issues modern data centers are facing," as reckoned by GRC.
In the eBook, GRC outlines the history of data center cooling, compares current liquid cooling technologies, and illustrates the benefits of liquid immersion cooling in overcoming the obstacles related to increasingly dense and complex CPUs, edge deployments, and faster GPUs.
Further, per GRC:

The eBook details single-phase immersion cooling’s superiority over air cooling, and its wide range of benefits to data centers, including increased reliability, simplified operations and maintenance, lower PUE, decreased CapEx and OpEx, and reduced compute footprint and infrastructure. In addition, implementing immersion cooling allows data centers to operate more sustainably and reach carbon-reduction goals.

Larry Kosch, Director of Product Marketing at GRC, concluded, “This eBook is a comprehensive resource for data center owners and operators to explore the benefits of liquid immersion cooling. Through our portfolio of installations spanning the globe, we’ve seen firsthand how immersion cooling has transformed our clients’ operations. We’re excited to share our knowledge and passion for this technology that enables data center professionals to solve many of the unprecedented infrastructure challenges confronting them.”

Download the eBook.

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