Liquid cooling immersible optical transceivers juice high-density applications

Dec. 6, 2021
Fiberstamp reports it is testing liquid cooling immersible optical transceivers with a U.S. high-frequency trader. Liquid cooling technology is expected to see growing use in such high-density applications.

Fiberstamp says that it is supplying liquid cooling immersible optical transceivers to a U.S. high-frequency trading (HFT) company.

The HFT company is converting its data center to liquid cooling; the optical modules are in joint testing, Fiberstamp says.

The HFT’s work is an example of a growing need to increase the amount of computing power in a given rack and floor space, says Fiberstamp.

Liquid cooling is expected to see growing use in such high-density applications, creating the need for optical communications technology that can operate in such an environment.

Fiberstamp has delivered samples of 25G immersible optical transceivers to the HFT company, which the module vendor describes as a longstanding partner.

The optical transceivers have been tested and deployed in data center and 5G DU applications, according to Fiberstamp.

The company has conducted a significant amount of work on a line of 10/25/50/100G immersible transceivers this year.

This initial generation of immersible transceivers have demonstrated “superior leakproofness” to enable direct submersion cooling and high performance while submerged to a depth of more than 1 m, Fiberstamp asserts.

Liquid pressurization tests have demonstrated the ability to work with mainstream coolant and within such immersive working environments for the long term, the company adds.


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