How SVT cables edge SJT cords for high-density IT equipment in data centers

Jan. 11, 2022
The UNC Group releases its definitive guide to using SVT cables in data centers.

The UNC Group, a specialist in IT and networking cable solutions, has released a special report on SVT cabling titled: “SVT Power Cords in the Data Center: The Case for Using Them,” describing the benefits of using SVT power cords in data centers instead of the more commonly used SJT power cords.

The report contends:

Reliable power is critical for the success of data centers, and electrical cords represents the last mile of the power infrastructure. The always on nature of today’s businesses and our daily lives, increase demands on data centers to deliver reliable, real-time services.

For many facilities that means increasing server density and providing more computing power in the same, or smaller amount of space, expanding the needs to power each individual rack. Fitting more racks into smaller spaces put pressure on cord and cable management, with power cords taking up vital space in the available cable pathways.

The new white paper outlines the challenges of using power cords in the data center, and demonstrates why the more flexible SVT cable is the best choice for saving space and reducing costs.

“In this report, we demonstrate the superior qualities of the SVT cable to address power cord requirements in data centers,” said Amanda Garcia, Director of Business Development at UNC Group. “Because it is more pliable and easier to work with, our Fortune 100 clients have been using SVT cables for over a decade, and we want all our clients to recognize how these power cords can improve their data centers.”


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