Front-access optical distribution frame

April 5, 2022
Panduit’s FlexCore ODF offers flexibility, manageability, scalability, and security.
Panduit20 Flex Core1

Panduit Corp. recently introduced the FlexCore Optical Distribution Frame (ODF), a front-access cabling system that protects optical connections. “Using innovative cable management and simple, intuitive cable routing, the FlexCore ODF simplifies and reduces the time for moves, adds, and changes,” the company said when launching FlexCore. “With standard doors with locks and optional locks for each enclosure, the FlexCore ODF solution enables multi-tiered security that is important for multiple client access.”

The FlexCore ODF system can manage up to 3168 fibers per frame, allowing users to create multiple configurations using three modular components. Panduit explains this flexibility allows for design customization and scalability while optimizing product availability and system density. “Compared to typical data center cabinets, FlexCore ODF can reduce floor space in a data center by 50%,” Panduit added. That calculation assumes 4 double frames—2 double frames in a back-to-back arrangement. The company added that with side panels and lockable doors, the FlexCore ODF system can be completely enclosed and secured.

“As the value of each fiber circuit rises exponentially and networks continue to densify, data center managers who demonstrate greater scalability, agility, and resilience will gain a business advantage,” said Stephen Morris, Panduit senior product manager. “FlexCore delivers on all those fronts with unrivaled manageability, scalability, fiber circuit protection, and security features.”

Panduit pointed out the following characteristics that differentiate FlexCore ODF from other products and systems.

  • Highly intuitive cable routing paths remove guesswork and prevents rip-and-replace costs
  • Innovative cable management and lockable vertical cable manager doors eliminate circuit risk and downtime
  • Up to 3168 fibers per frame when using standard 24-fiber cassettes
  • Data center floor space reduction by as much as 50%
  • Simplification of, and reduced time for, MACs
  • Multiple form factor (width) cassettes that optimize rack space across wider applications
  • Patch cords consolidated to a single length, freeing up capital locked in maintaining inventory
  • Multi-layer security with lock capability available at both 4RU enclosure and ODF doors

You can find more information on FlexCore here.

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