High port-density SFP56-DD transceivers send 100G connectivity to 40 km

Feb. 13, 2023
Now generally available, SiFotonics’ 100G-ER1-40, 8x100G-ER1-nWDM SFP56-DD transceivers are extended-reach optical switch/router modules used in 5G xHaul, broadband access aggregation, optical transport, and data center interconnect (DCI) applications.
SiFotonics' 100G-ER1-40 SFP56-DD Optical Transceiver Module
SiFotonics' 100G-ER1-40 SFP56-DD Optical Transceiver Module

SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd.says its 100G-ER1-40 and 8x100G-ER1-nWDM SFP56-DD optical transceivers have reached general availability. The company expects the extended-reach optical modules to find homes in switches and routers for 5G xHaul, broadband access aggregation, optical transport, and data center interconnect (DCI).

The company says the SFP56-DD transceivers will support high port density and 100G connectivity to 40 km, thanks in large part to a high-sensitivity Ge/Si APD receiver based on SiFotonics’ proprietary silicon photonics platform. The approach is fully compliant with the 100G Lambda MSA’s 100G-ER1-40 specification.

SiFotonics adds that the optical modules leverage a DSP and design optimized to support multi-rate applications, including timing-sensitive OTN applications.

The 8x100G-ER1-nWDM optical transceiver supports O-Band passive WDM applications and is fully interoperable with SiFotonics’ 8x100G-ER1-nWDM QSFP28 product family. It is suited to transmit 800G over a single pair of fiber or 400G over a single fiber to enable a pay-as-you-grow approach with what the company asserts are low-cost passive WDM filters.

The optical device also is designed to interoperate with 400G-ER4 and 800G-ER8 standards to support break-out applications between 100G and 400G or 800G.

The SFP56-DD modules will operate over a -40 to 85C range, which enables them to be used in outside plant applications such as 5G fronthaul and broadband access. The family also includes a version that supports 100G over 10 km in compliance with the IEEE 100G-LR1 standard over the same temperature range.

-- Stephen Hardy

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