EPI offering $1 million in scholarships for new data center pros

July 20, 2023
Scholarships, which cover up to 93% of training and certification fees for data center credential programs, are offered to students, recent grads, unemployed workers, and job switchers.

EPI is offering $1 million worth of scholarships to eligible current students, recent graduates, unemployed workers, and career-switchers who enroll in certain training programs that lead to professionally accredited and globally recognized data center professional certifications.

The EPI Data Center Futurist Scholarship “aims to provide support for individuals passionate about data centers, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and expertise to thrive in this rapidly evolving industry,” EPI said when announcing the scholarship program. “By offering a financial assistance package covering between 86 and 93% of the total course fees and exams, the scholarship enables aspiring data center professionals to participate in EPI’s prestigious data center training and certification programs. These programs are recognized and respected in the data center industry because they are designed to provide competence-based data center knowledge that is practical, while also including industry best practices. They will empower scholars with the skills that will set them apart in the job market.”

Scholars can choose from the following EPI certification programs.

DCFC: Data Center Foundation Certificate

CDCP: Certified Data Center Professional

CNCDP: Certified Network Cabling Design Professional

CDFOS: Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Specialist

EPI further explained that depending upon the specific course and location of the training, the scholarship’s coverage of 86 to 93% of costs “means that as an approved scholar, you will only be responsible for paying a nominal amount of 79 U.S. dollars, ensuring accessibility and affordability for aspiring data center professionals.

“In addition to this partial scholarship, there is also an opportunity for a full scholarship, generously co-funded between EPI and our esteemed sponsors. The full scholarships will only be available to the students who are studying at one of the EIPs (DC Futurist Scholarship Educational Institution Partners). The availability will depend on the sponsorship levels and the sponsors’ respective locations.”

The scholarship covers training-on-demand (TOD) course access, a study guide, and a certification exam voucher. “Your learning journey will be facilitated through the EPI Academy, our state-of-the-art TOD platform,” EPI said. “You will get three months of unrestricted access to the course, which you can access at your own pace, anywhere, anytime, 24x7.” EPI also provides a student eBook to support studies, and a voucher to sit for the online exam.

Describing who is eligible for a scholarship, EPI stated, “students in the final year of any technical education program in any educational institutions—technical school, university, college, polytechnics; students who have passed their final exams for a technical education program in any educational institution within the last six months but have not yet been able to find a matching job; unemployed workers registered with a government unemployment office or welfare agency, and seeking employment opportunities in the data center industry; [and job-switchers] currently not working in the data center industry but looking to switch career paths and venture into the exciting world of data centers.”

The company characterized its EIPs as “progressive educational institutions that are committed to support the EPI Data Center Futurist Scholarship. They play a vital role in extending the reach of the scholarship to students within their campuses. Our esteemed EIPs understand the importance of fostering talent and preparing students for advantageous career prospects and launching successful careers in the data center industry. They work closely with the scholars, providing guidance, resources, and encouragement to help them excel in their chosen scholarship course.”

To apply individuals must download and complete this application form, then email the completed form with supporting documents to EPI. EPI requires the following of its applicants: A commitment to finish the training and sit for the exam within three months, and permission for EPI to publish the scholar’s name, country, and certificate name on its website and social media.

Of the million-dollar commitment it is making to this scholarship program, EPI commented, “This sounds like a large fund, and of course it is, but considering the magnitude of the workforce shortage, additional resources are needed to extend the reach of this program and address the industry’s need effectively. The invaluable sponsorships from esteemed organizations play a crucial role in expanding the impact of the scholarship program. These sponsors enable the provision of the full scholarship option, ensuring that truly deserving, talented and passionate individuals can have the opportunity to pursue their dreams in the data center field without financial constraints.”

Organizations interested in becoming sponsors of this scholarship program can reach EPI via email at [email protected]

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