FNT Software and DC Smarter Partner to Use Augmented Reality Tech

Sept. 14, 2023
DC Smarter and FNT Software are combining their technologies to simplify and reduce cost of data center processes.

FNT and DC Smarter are giving customers the ability to use Augmented Reality (AR) software to optimize data center infrastructure (DCIM). Data center processes will hopefully be enhanced with DC Smarter’s AR software, DC Vision, and FNT’s DCIM solution FNT Command.

DC Vision visualizes a range of information with either AR glasses, a smartphone, or tablet. This makes access to existing data and implementing planned changes and repairs in data centers simpler and more transparent. Using FNT Command important data related to individual devices or connections in racks can be accessed and updated. Examples of how FNT Command can be used include repair and work instructions and functions for temperature monitoring.

Wolfgang Schaupp, the Global Channel Manager at FNT, states, “The partnership will result in valuable synergy effects. With FNT Command, for example, we offer a solid foundation for a joint solution that brings a wide variety of information in the data center to life using AR technologies.”

This AR technology is made by DC Smarter who Schaupp says is, “A very experienced partner in terms of field engineering serviced and mixed reality technology.”

Jörg Hesselink, the CEO at DC Smarter, comments, “We see a clear added value for customers in the partnership with FNT.” The CEO goes on to stating that when DC Vision is used with the FNT Command Platform it will lead to, “Significant efficiency improvements and cost savings.”

AR solves a bevy of issues and provides services that can aid in process optimization, from being used to help with repair and maintenance tasks to seeing problems within data centers by visualizing metrics and alerts. It also assists technical specialists on site by allowing them to see which tools are required for a task and the steps to follow, which reduces errors and quickens the maintenance process.

Through this partnership both DC Smarter and FNT Software are simplifying and making data center processes easier with their combined technologies.

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