CEO of JetCool Has Predictions on 2024

Jan. 4, 2024
Bernie Malouin, JetCool’s CEO, has interesting predictions regarding liquid cooling, AI, and more.

Background on JetCool’s CEO

Bernie Malouin founded JetCool Technologies in 2019 and is the company’s current CEO. While working at MIT Lincoln Labs Bernie and his team noticed a gap in existing liquid cooling solutions, so he led a team of engineers in developing and refining cooling technology which led to JetCool.

Big companies have looked to JetCool for an advanced liquid solution that cools modules while decreasing energy consumption, water usage and their overall carbon footprint, including Dell Technologies. In May 2023, JetCool showcased its SmartPlate System in collaboration with Dell Technologies’ next-generation PowerEdge server. JetCool also managed to secure a $17 million Series A funding round in October 2023 in order to meet the increasing demand for DCD cooling driven by the boom of AI and semiconductors.

Bernie Malouin’s 2024 liquid cooling predictions

Regarding the energy intake of AI, Bernie stated, “As businesses start using advanced AI technologies, they will face challenges related to concentration of computing resources. This situation will likely result in a higher adaptation of liquid cooling systems in 2024 to manage the heat generated by more densely packed server racks. Essentially, as companies expand their computing infrastructure to accommodate AI, they will increasingly turn to liquid cooling methods. This approach not only enhances system performance but also helps in efficient power management.” 

When it comes to regulations for liquid cooling, Bernie said, “Liquid cooling adoption will continue to grow worldwide with direct-to-chip liquid cooling expected to lead the charge. We expect new regulations to shape the liquid cooling market as chemicals such as PFAS are increasingly scrutinized and more heavily regulated.” 

And finally concerning colocation facilities he stated, “With a greater emphasis on performance and efficiency, we expect the adoption of liquid cooling to have greater reach into multi-tenant colocation facilities.” 

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