CommScope Unveils SYSTIMAX 2.0

Jan. 30, 2024
SYSTIMAX 2.0 is a set of enhancements and new introductions that include fiber and copper technology along with service and support.

On January 30, CommScope introduced SYSTIMAX 2.0, a set of enhancements to the company’s portfolio of building and data center connectivity technologies and services. When announcing SYSTIMAX 2.0, the company explained, “Inside buildings, data centers and across campuses, technology disruption and operational demands are intensifying. Therefore, it is more important than ever to deploy an agile, dependable and future-ready infrastructure … SYSTIMAX technology has been synonymous with exceeding the standards of enterprise connectivity, continuously evolving to redefine how building, data center and campus network operate. SYSTIMAX 2.0 enhancements carry that legacy forward, leveraging CommScope’s rich history of performance and reliability in copper, fiber and network intelligence.”

Copper and Fiber Cabling Solutions

The unveiling includes the introduction of two new solutions: GigaSPEED XL5 and VisiPORT. GigaSPEED XL5 technology is a multi-patented solution that enables customers to step up from 1-Gbit/sec copper—to 2.5/5-Gbit Ethernet—before making a commitment to 10-Gbit/sec copper. “The GigaSPEED XL5 solution supports applications such as multigigabit backhaul connectivity for advanced wireless access points,” the company pointed out. “This new solution supports 2.5/5-Gbit Ethernet applications in 4-connector, 100-meter channels with bundled cables, while maintaining the ease of installation of our GigaSPEED XL solution.”

The VisiPORT solution (pictured) is an automated copper and fiber port-status and capacity-monitoring system that CommScope says “improves efficiency, reduces errors and removes the need for ongoing database maintenance.” The company further explains: “Using real-time data to lead decision-making reduces errors; the VisiPORT solution detects and transmits events upon the insertion or removal of a plug and can provide alerts on unexpected or unapproved patching activity. The solution is easy to deploy and provides instantaneous port status and port capacity information with the ability to set user-defined thresholds for action.”

The VisiPORT solution comprises intelligent copper panels and fiber shelves, with built-in port sensors and system controllers. It leverages the port-sensing technology foundational to CommScope’s imVision Automated Infrastructure Management solution. The company noted, “In a fast-changing environment, data center facilities managers need simple real-time insights to improve efficiency and reduce connection errors. The SYSTIMAX VisiPORT solution meets this need.”

Assurance and Support

Luc Adriaenssens, CommScope’s vice president of enterprise product management and research-and-development, added, “With SYSTIMAX 2.0 enhancements, CommScope is expanding its support for future customer needs with continuous technology innovation, world-class performance and reliability, application assurance and unrivaled global support. We will be evolving the SYSTIMAX portfolio of products and services to ensure we continue to meet those needs.”

CommScope is making enhanced assurance part of SYSTIMAX 2.0. “Network architects and managers need support in a rapidly changing environment,” the company said. “CommScope has long been known for its service organization; now, the SYSTIMAX Assurance program is unveiling additional enhanced capabilities with 360-degree customer support from 80-plus systems engineering teams around the world and more than 10,000 SYSTIMAX-certified partners in 130 countries. The SYSTIMAX Assurance program now includes 24/7 live premium technical support and a host of other benefits all backed by our 25-year product extended warranty and application assurance.”

The company summarized the program’s introduction by saying, “The new SYSTIMAX 2.0 program is a complete solution built on our core pillars including fiber and copper structured cabling solutions, network intelligence, edge and extended-distance solutions, and customer support. These pillars serve as a foundation offering unparalleled solutions providing customers more options that meet their evolving network needs.”

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