Data Center Frontier Trends Summit Combines Education, Networking

Feb. 20, 2024
The theme-based content within the Summit aims to support critical decision-making across the data center ecosystems.

Endeavor Business Media’s Data Center Frontier (DCF), a sibling brand to Cabling Installation & Maintenance, recently announced the inaugural Data Center Frontier Trends Summit that DCF says “will empower data center leaders and stakeholders to make the most-informed decisions by providing insights on the essential trends impacting the marketplace.”

The in-person event will take place September 4 through 6 at the Hyatt Reston in Reston, Virginia.

DCF continued: “Through a uniquely curated program of expert-led sessions and structured, engaging networking opportunities, the Data Center Frontier Trends Summit promises to provide a comprehensive platform for attendees to: 1) Learn about the most critical trends impacting the data center industry, from the impact of AI to the growth of alternative energy solutions, and sustainability requirements; 2) Discover cutting-edge technologies and solutions that can optimize data center operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs; 3) Build brand-new connections through exclusive site tours, peer-to-peer roundtables, and robust Q&As that will help you navigate the data center landscape and achieve your strategic goals.”

Data Center Frontier’s vice president and group publisher, Janice Oliva, commented, “The past two years have seen the data center industry landscape morph dramatically. The relentless march of AI and its associated power demands is colliding wit concerns over energy availability and sustainability. Navigating this new reality requires an in-person think-tank environment to discuss these themes. The Data Center Frontier Trends Summit will provide a critical platform to delve into these key trends with the goal of informing large-scale decisions that need to be made now.”

The Summit is led by an editorial advisory board representing the critical areas of the data center ecosystem, including hyperscale and colocation operators and developers; power and cooling; IT and interconnection; and design/build/construction. Board members include Nancy Novak, chief information officer of Compass Data Centers; David McCall, vice president of innovation at QTS Data Centers; and Yue Tu, advanced development senior program manager, Microsoft. You can find information on the complete advisory board here.

“The editorial advisory board for the inaugural Data Center Frontier Trends Summit brings together an incredibly seasoned cohort of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced executives from around the industry,” said DCF editor-in-chief Matt Vincent, who spent years as Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s senior editor before joining DCF in 2023. “With the benefit of their expert guidance, we are assembling a not-to-be-missed live conference program that addresses the data center industry’s most pressing themes and challenges.”

A call for speakers is open through March 22, 2024. Anyone interested in learning more about the specific content areas, and submitting a proposal, can do so here. The advisory board and DCF’s editorial staff will evaluate all submissions.

At this site you can find complete information on the Data Center Frontier Trends Summit, including information on how to become a sponsor.

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