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March 1, 2002
Ideal Industries' flexible drill bits are designed to let you drill and fish wire in one step without damaging finished structures

Compiled by Ryan Cliche

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Fishing wire tool
Ideal Industries' flexible drill bits are designed to let you drill and fish wire in one step without damaging finished structures. The drill bits are mounted on pliable shafts with holes to accommodate fishing wire on the tip and shank for use in blind areas located behind ceilings, walls, and floors. These heat-treated, spring steel shanks provide flexibility and are designed to eliminate any retained shank bend. A three-flat grip helps you find a secure drill engagement. Formed from alloy steel, the drill tips can chew through nails, steel plates, sheet metal, masonry, and wood structures, according to company claims.

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Category 6 patch panel
Configured for both T568A and T568B wiring, HellermannTyton's AlphaSnap Category 6 patch panel is modular and features individual PCB modules that, if required, can be replaced. It comes with a slide label system that is designed to offer a protected labeling area for smudge-free identification of the ports. Rear cable managers provide cable strain relief. Constructed from extruded aluminum and toughened plastic, this rear cable management bar snaps in and out of the back of the patch panel without the need of tools. Individual cable tie mounts located along the length of the management bar slide into position to prevent twisting or pinching of the cables during installation.

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Data center enclosure
American Power Conversion's (APC) NetShelter VX enclosure has fully perforated front and rear doors for improved thermal management. Numbered "U" positions marked on all four vertical mounting rails tell you where to mount equipment within the rack. Split rear doors reduce the amount of "white space" required for service and maintenance to free-up space on the data center floor. Zero-U mounting space for power distribution units (PDUs) allows power strips to be installed without inter fering with other equipment in the rack. Also, cable access openings with grommets in the roof, base, and the rear vertical cable channels are de signed for cable management to and from the enclosure.

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Modular jack
Features of Hubbell Premise Wiring's Xcelerator GX2 jack include white insulation displacement connection (IDC) towers designed to enhance visual contrast and increase tower thickness for improved cable strain relief. A smoke-gray stuffer cap provides a positive snap-latch feel and additional strain relief when the jack is installed. The jack is backed by the company's 25-year "Mission Critical" warranty program.

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