Featured products at BICSI Winter 2016

Jan. 1, 2016
Look for these products at the BICSI Winter Exhibition, February 1-3

Look for these products at the BICSI Winter Exhibition, February 1-3

Infrastructure for data centers and beyond

Belden describes itself as a single-source supplier for data center infrastructure solutions-from the demarcation point in the entrance room to the crossconnect and the equipment rack-including the cable in between. Its data center infrastructure solutions seamlessly integrate functional areas while improving cooling, power and density efficiency, the company adds. “Our copper and fiber connectivity solutions provide for maximum performance, availability and uptime while preterminated solutions speed up deployment time and make upgrades easier,” Belden adds.

In addition to its data center systems, Belden will also display copper, fiber and wireless networking solutions that deliver voice and data to the office, meeting space or cafeteria. “Our high-definition video and speaker cables deliver the best picture and sound to network operation centers,” the company notes. “Specialty cables for CCTV, access control, building automation and fire-alarm systems ensure safety, security and comfort throughout any facility.”

The company also emphasizes it serves customers well with its in-house custom capabilities. It “has over 20 years of experience in delivering support for high-end technology needs,” the company says. “With in-house manufacturing capabilities, Belden can offer engineering support during the design phase; unparalleled customization of enclosures and racks; short delivery lead times; integration of data-center-ready solutions, racks and enclosures, cabling, connectivity, power and thermal management systems.”

BELDEN Booth 219

MaxCell and MaxSpace

MaxCell describes its namesake product as “the only flexible fabric innerduct system designed specifically for the network construction industry. The unique fabric construction allows MaxCell to conform to the shape of the cables placed within, greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct. Network operators who use MaxCell can increase their cable density by as much as 300 percent.”

At the BICSI Winter Exhibition, the company also will feature a new, patent-pending no-dig technology and construction method called MaxSpace. It explains the MaxSpace method “safely removes existing innerduct from around active fiber-optic cables with virtually no load on the cables and no interruption of service. As the innerducts are removed, cables migrate to the bottom of the outer conduit. Once all innerducts are removed, up to 90-percent conduit space is recovered, allowing up to 9 more cables to be placed in the reclaimed space of a conduit that was once considered full.”

MAXCELL Booth 812

Category 8 certifier

With a test frequency range of 2.5 GHz, the WireXpert is a Category 8-ready certifier. Optional test adapters include encircled flux (EF)-compliant multimode adapters, MPO/MTP adapters, and test kits for Category 5e, 6 and 6A patch cords. The 6A kit can perform a bidirectional Category 6A patch cord test in less than 10 seconds. Also on display will be options for testing coaxial cable, as well as M12 D-coded and X-coded industrial Ethernet cables. WireXpert’s dual-control system allows one technician to perform tasks that usually require two.

Softing notes, “The powerful measurement engine of WireXpert performs the most complex cable certification tests accurately in seconds.”

SOFTING Booth 813

Rack-mounted AC unit

Tripp Lite’s new SRCOOL7KRM Rack-Mounted AC Unit helps keep rack equipment cool-not the room around it, the company emphasizes. The Rack-Mounted AC Unit is EIA-compliant and provides 7,000 BTU of cooling capacity.

“The unit restarts automatically after power failures and the built-in timer allows scheduled unattended shutdowns and startups,” Tripp Lite adds. “It’s also self-contained-no need for a water-collection tank or floor drain. It plugs into a standard outlet for quick and easy installation.”


Loose-tube adapter

The Greenlee Communications branded proprietary design of the LT-900 loose-tube fiber adapter “is the only tool to use to splice loose-tube fiber to other fiber and splice-on connectors,” the company proclaims. “In the past, splicing loose-tube fiber to splice-on connectors wasn’t really possible. This patent-pending product securely holds the fiber, and not the loose-tube buffer, allowing the precise alignment of fibers for accurate splicing.”

The adapter prevents any “pistoning” when the fibers are being aligned, Greenlee Communications explains. “Pistoning is the action of the 900-micron loose-tube buffer being moved during fiber alignment, but the actual fiber slips inside of the loose-tube buffer. The LT-900 is another example of innovation and Greenlee Communications’ goal to support successful process.”


Category 6 indoor/outdoor cable

Comtran’s Category 6 indoor/outdoor cable is flame-retardant and fully water-blocked, and is designed for use in wet locations both indoors and outdoors, the company says. “It is UL Listed CM-LS and will continue to perform where standard plenum, riser, and outside-plant cable will fail due to moisture exposure,” Comtran adds. “The indoor/outdoor rating allows the cable to run beyond 50 feet into a building, where outside-plant cable is restricted-which eliminates the need to transition cables between buildings.”

According to Comtran, applications for its Category 6 indoor/outdoor cable include security cameras, single-floor outlet applications, below-grade ductwork, slab-on-grade construction, campus-style environments and flood-prone areas.


Single-fiber fusion splicer

The Fujikura 62S single-fiber fusion splicer incorporates core-to-core alignment and “splices in 6 seconds and 15 seconds with the tube heater,” AFL says. “Using profile alignment system for consistent low splice loss and accurate loss estimation, the 62S features a calibration-free arc discharge system (with auto splice mode), automatic fiber identification, auto-start tube heater, auto-start fiber splice upon closing of wind-protector cover, power Li-ion battery for longer operation, high-resolution LCD monitor, and greater fiber view magnification after splicing,” the company adds.

The 62S single-fiber fusion splicer is suitable for backbone network installation to optical electronics component production, AFL says.

AFL Booth 1019

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