Product Focus: uninterruptible power supplies

Sept. 1, 2008
The SMART750 intelligent, line-interactive UPS system is designed to protect servers, networking accessories and telecomm equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges.

Intelligent, line interactive UPS

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The SMART750 intelligent, line-interactive UPS system is designed to protect servers, networking accessories and telecomm equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Large internal batteries offer 16 minutes half-load runtime and 5.5 minutes at full load during power failures. 750 VA/450-watt power handling capability supports a variety of networking, telecom and various other application types, including the support of multiple network workstations. This wall-mountable unit features six UPS-supported outlets, supports remote monitoring of UPS and site power conditions via built-in USB monitoring port, and includes PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software with complete cabling. A built-in audible alarm and five front-panel LEDs indicate status of line power, battery power, battery low/replace, voltage regulation and load level.

Compact, 3-phase power protection

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The Smart-UPS VT 3-phase power protection line now includes parallel capability, making the product especially suited for small data centers, large retail stores, regional offices, wiring closets, and applications with dense power requirements. You can expand your power protection system by connecting up to four Smart-UPS VT units in parallel configuration, and in any combination of capacity and redundancy. Available in 10 to 40 kVA in 400/230-volt versions, this UPS family features centralized uninterruptible power protection with proprietary Legendary Reliability—a cool-running, 3-stage inverter technology designed to provide high efficiency even when operating at less than 30% load. The system’s scalable runtime and modular design allow for simplified expansion as future needs arise.

Unit designed for industrial applications

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The QUINT DC UPS is designed to ensure uninterruptible 24-volt DC power to mission-critical devices in industrial installations, even in the event of a power outage. The unit includes long-life lead acid batteries that provide long buffer times at high currents. With a narrow, modular form-factor, the QUINT DC UPS is designed for simplified mounting in a control cabinet, and features remote battery diagnostics, remote status contacts, and timed shutdown.

Rack-mountable data center UPS

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The HP R5500 rack-mountable UPS is designed for dense data center environments, and offers what the company claims is industry-leading power density of 4500 watts in 3U space. With two load segments, an optional rack-to-tower conversion kit, and Rack and Power Manager software bundled into the box, you can customize this UPS to specific situations while managing systems simply and remotely. Option cards and Extended Runtime Modules (ERMs) add networking capabilities and load segmentation while increasing system back-up time.

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