Data center patch system incorporates 1728 fibers in 4U

Feb. 1, 2009
LightWave Manufacturing & Services LLC ( has launched the Chameleon high-density fiber-optic patching system ...

LightWave Manufacturing & Services LLC ( has launched the Chameleon high-density fiber-optic patching system, which the company says exceeds traditional fiber patching densities by a factor of six.

The company contends that while many current fiber patching systems can patch a maximum of 288 fibers per 4U chassis, the Chameleon system can patch 1728 fibers in the same space. The technology is designed to enable data centers to significantly reduce the space needed to distribute their current fiber networks, reducing physical and carbon footprints.

In the Chameleon 72-strand trunking cable, one 72-fiber MTP cable is packaged in a “shotgun” style jacket, making the cable flexible given the fiber density. Each cable is intended to plug into the back of a high volume cassette module. The trunk and cassette module, when combined with a patent pending patching system, eliminates crosstalk amongst fibers so that data will not be corrupted due to interference.
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LightWave owner David Mulsteff says he has seen a constant trend in the data communications industry over the past 28 years: “That constant is the reduction in product size, and was one of the primary motivators in developing the Chameleon fiber patching system. The name Chameleon reflects the adaptability and flexibility of the system, including its ability to distribute fiber in increments of 144, 96, 72, 48, 24 or 12 fibers to multiple locations.”

In this example, one 144-fiber MTP Chameleon high-density cassette is distributed through 6 to 24-fiber MTP to 24 LC, 10-Gbit 50-µm patch cables.
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Mullsteff continues, “The Chameleon can answer the demands of large data center applications and still scale down to small office solutions by utilizing copper modules, media converters, and switching technology, all in the same platform. Traditional fiber patching systems need a minimum of 20U space for a full 1728 fiber, where Chameleon can achieve the same in 4U without increasing the per fiber cost or exceeding your fiber loss budget.”

LightWave will be showing Chameleon at the AFCOM Data Center World show, March 8-12 in Las Vegas. —M.V.

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