APC/Schneider Electric expands single-phase Smart-UPS On-Line series

Jan. 13, 2015
New APC by Schneider Electric UPS models provide power ranging from 5kVA-10kVA.

Schneider Electric recently announced an expansion of its family of single-phase Smart-UPS On-Line uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with the inclusion of new 5 – 10kVA models. Among the most manageable, reliable, dense, and efficient UPS systems in its class, the company says its new 5kVA UPS units have a power factor of 0.9 -- while new 6 – 10kVA units feature unity power factor capability, helping to reduce complexity when specifying power protection while providing more real power for active power factor corrected electronics.

According to Schneider Electric, suitable for a range of applications, from network and server rooms to branch offices and secure power uses, the new APC Smart-UPS On-Line provides scalable, extended runtime and efficient power quality and performance for critical applications. A flexible design that can be configured for rack-mounted or free standing applications also makes the Smart-UPS On-Line easy to install, operate, and service in almost any environment. Additionally, an integrated PowerChute Network Shutdown feature and an embedded network management card with environmental monitoring and remote user interface enable further accessories and communication options to be conveniently added.

Allowing users to avoid costly loss or corruption of data and equipment caused by transients, noise or hard system shutdowns, the Smart-UPS On-Line utilizes built-in automatic bypass to ensure seamless power to the load even in the event of a failure. Double conversion online capability also provides tight voltage and frequency regulation and zero transfer time for reactive loads such as machinery.

The new Smart-UPS On-Line models from APC/Schneider Electric are also equipped with a bundle of features to improve efficiency allowing end users to reduce their annual utility cost. New models are ENERGY STAR qualified and are operable in a high efficiency “green” mode that can reach 97 percent efficiency. The Smart-UPS On-Line’s graphical LCD display with multi-color backlight provides a real-time, at-a-glance display of UPS status as well as diagnostic and log information.

Additional key features of the Smart-UPS On-Line include the following:
Switchable Outlet Groups: Enables non-critical load shedding, reboot of hung equipment, and sequenced start-up and shutdown.
Hot-Swappable Batteries: User-replaceable batteries ensure continuous operation of the load even when the batteries are being replaced.
Intelligent Battery Management with Predictive Battery Replacement: A temperature-compensated charger continually adjusts to enhance battery life, provides battery health information, and deploys an advanced warning and location information when a battery needs to be replaced.
Faster Recharge Time: Ensures system availability during successive power failures.
Added Resilience: Operates with or without a battery for guaranteed restart, diagnostics and logs.

“In today’s increasingly connected world, disruption or loss of power to critical equipment translates into high costs and potential reputational damage for businesses,” comments Michael Maiello, sr. vice president, home and business networks, APC by Schneider Electric. “Our new unity power factor Smart-UPS On-Line models provide simple, convenient, flexible, and reliable power back up, allowing users to feel assured their important equipment and electronics will be protected when they need it most.”

The Smart-UPS On-Line models all come with a three-year warranty and are immediately available for purchase.

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