FairPoint's data center risk assessment questionnaire covers 9 critical areas

New questionnaire helps municipalities assess data center operations.

3 key challenges for data center migration in 2015
3 key challenges for data center migration in 2015

FairPoint Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRP), a provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England, has developed a new customer resource questionnaire that assists with assessing the risk of municipal data center operations.

"In today's complex world, municipalities face a variety of threats associated with their data center operations, especially when they are located on premises," said Chris Alberding, FairPoint Communications' vice president of product management. "The level of the risk depends on how effectively the data center and its staff address a number of issues."

The FairPoint risk assessment questionnaire is designed for local governments and covers nine critical areas of data center operations. These areas include:

1. Location of compute and storage resources
2. Disaster recovery plans
3. Physical security
4. Compliance
5. Power infrastructure reliability
6. Environmental controls
7. IT talent
8. Scalability
9. Access to network services

"Looking at the most critical issues, FairPoint's Risk Assessment Questionnaire for Municipalities helps municipalities assess their data center's potential vulnerabilities," continued Alberding. "By answering nine questions, municipalities will gain valuable insight into their data center operations."

To access FairPoint's Municipal Data Center Risk Assessment Questionnaire, go to fairpoint.com/gov_ed/dcs/resources/.

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