Zip ties, zip ties everywhere: The week’s top stories

March 24, 2016
The good and bad of zip ties made for an interesting dichotomy among our most-read stories over the past week.

Evidently, zip ties can be useful. At least that’s what we have concluded based on the stories of the past week that have been the most popular.

A single cable tie that is releasable and permanent—Micro Plastics Inc. says its DualZip Cable Tie “not only incorporates the best and easiest-to-use releasable lock on the market, but also combines the dual functionality of both a releasable and permanent cable tie in one part.”

Why use zip ties?—Apparently someone didn’t get the memo about the DualZip Cable Tie. This scary-photo display from Reddit is another example of “what not to do” in a telecom room.

Cable installation tools coming to North America—Klein Tools’ partnership with Super Rod has brought a telescopic 18-foot pole, a magnetic wire pulling system, and a polymer fishing rod set to the shores of North America.

FOA publishes Outside Plant Construction Guide—Joe Botha of Triple Play Fibre Optic Solutions in South Africa authored this textbook, which includes the processes used for installing the fiber-optic cable plant, starting with the construction work necessary before the cable is installed.

CablExpress unveils angled patch panels at Data Center World—The angled panels feature a slanted design to route cords directly into vertical cable managers on both sides, eliminating the need for horizontal cable management.

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