Gaming the system: Lust for MMOGs fuels massive European data center

Dec. 8, 2016
Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) require massive data center resources.

As defined byWikipedia: ""A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players, typically from hundreds to thousands, simultaneously in the same instance (or "world"). MMOs usually feature a huge, persistent open world, although some games differ. These games can be found for most network-capable platforms, including the personal computer, video game console, or smartphones and other mobile devices. MMOs can enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale, and sometimes to interact meaningfully with people around the world. They include a variety of gameplay types, representing many video game genres." These games require massive data center resources. The following, richly produced video explains how, where and for whom those stakes are most pertinent.

Interviewed in the video, Ralph Birch, technical director of European Data Hub Luxembourg, asserts, "We exist to provide cooling and power to our clients so that they can continuously provide services to their clients."

As detailed by the video's narration, "The Luxembourg data center is located at a considerable depth of 72 feet, equal to a 7-story building. Its total area is 161, 500 sq. feet. The building is kept out of the public eye, and has strict security. It ensures continuous, round-the-clock work for hundreds of servers, and consumes enough electric power for a small city."

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