Fiber distribution frame holds 4032 LC fibers

April 25, 2016
The tDF, tde distribution frame, is particularly advantageous for use in carrier central offices.

The newest optical fiber distribution frame from trans data elektronik (tde) “ensures highest packing density within the smallest space,” the company said when announcing the frame. “Up to 4032 fibers can be terminated with LC connectors on 46 height units. The patented splice modules can all be fitted from the front. Since the tDF (tde Distribution Frame) is compatible with the modular plug-and-play cabling system tML, network technicians can also install MPO/MTP modules in the same sub-rack-unit. Customers can order the modular and highly flexible tDF rack system completely preassembled and tailored to their needs.”

The company added that the entire system is made of few components and employs a modular design. Those characteristics are beneficial in that the rack fits up to 14 tDF sub racks with three height units (RUs) each. A 19-inch sub-rack occupies three RU and can accommodate as many as 12 tDF splice modules. Each sub-rack unit can terminate up to 288 fibers, and each tDF splice module, up to 24 fibers with LC connectors. “The splices are stored in standard splice cassettes,” tde added. “The tDF supports all common connector types, ranging from E2000 to LC, and SC connectors to MPO/MTP plug connectors. When using E2000 and SC connectors, 114 fibers are terminated on three height units.”

Andre Engel, tde’s chief executive officer, said, “Our new tDF meets the needs of the market. We’re already receiving very positive feedback from our customers.”

The company further explained that the tDF’s design and functionality were well-thought-out. “On the left-hand side, there is generous space with radio limiters to manage patch cables over lengths; on the right-hand side, the master cables can be accommodated. The sides and the doors of the rack can be removed. The rack can be mounted on the wall or positioned back-to-back. Using a rack-mounting set, it can also be mounted side-by-side. tde offers the tDF rack with an optional base as well as cable entries from the top or the bottom.”

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