Cable and bolt cutters also good for wire mesh cable tray

April 5, 2016
Greenlee Textron’s new line of “micro” tools includes a bolt cutter that can also be used on cable tray.

Greenlee Textron launched new Micro Cable Cutters and Micro Bolt Cutters—a product line aimed at the electrical-installation professional—that includes tools appropriate for cutting basket-style cable tray. The company says the new products are “ergonomically designed to reduce injuries from extended use of manual hand tools, while improving the cutting and crimping process for copper cable, fine stranded copper cable, bolts, and basket-style cable tray.” The tools use a 10.8V battery platform that is compatible with the existing EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool. “This new line of tools offers users an upgrade from traditional hand tools for jobs not needing the full capability of 18V battery tools,” the company noted.

In particular, the EBS12ML (pictured, second from left), a bolt cutter, cuts common bolts up to a half-inch long along with threaded rod, rebar, steel rod, guy wire, and wire-mesh cable tray, Greenlee Textron said. All products in the line are lightweight and cut in less than eight seconds, the company added. “The cutting speed of the ES32Ml copper cable cutter, ES32FML fine stranded copper cable cutter, and the EBS12ML bolt cutter is three times faster than traditional manual ratchet cutters,” according to Greenlee Textron. “The ES32ML has the capacity to cut 600 MCM copper and 750 MCM aluminum cable, and the ES32FML has the capacity to cut 1.25-inch fine stranded copper cable.”

The cutters’ 350-degree rotating blade heads allow for easy setup, especially in tight spaces, Greenlee Textron continued. The auto-retract blade feature and battery-level indicator enable users to be ready at any time for the next cut, and a built-in LED light illuminates work areas. Gator Eye technology provides users access to the tool’s complete performance history.

“Our research has found that safety injuries continue to be a concern on the job site,” said Raffi Elchemmas, AEP, MBA, tool ergonomist at Greenlee. “Tighter job spaces are requiring more effort from the body, consequently resulting in increased risk of injuries. Companies are paying large amounts for workers’ compensation costs and experiencing decreased productivity due to injuries. For a worker, those injuries can lead to lost wages and long-term, irreversible damage.”

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