Managing physical assets in the virtualized enterprise

March 15, 2013
CommScope technical brief explains.

A new white paper from CommScope, authored by Matthew Baldassano, is entitled, Network intelligence for physical assets in a virtualized enterprise. The technical brief addresses how implementing virtualization technology can impact physical-layer cabling requirements in support of an IT organization’s current and future needs.

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The paper's premise is as follows: "As enterprise IT groups continue to embrace virtualization as a solution for leveraging their hardware budgets, the question becomes, How are virtual networks, servers, storage arrays, and workstations managed at the physical layer? Or, as a CIO might ask of his IT organization, How do you know what type of services are running on this port and what is the value of each to the organization?

As explained by CommScope's Baldassano, a major value proposition of virtual environments is that they enable flexibility to move applications, computers, networks and storage across physical assets "at will -- dynamically and on the fly."

View/download the white paper here.

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