10G EPON products simultaneously support 10G, 1G speeds on same fiber

New equipment from QuantaBits can be integrated with existing 1-Gbps technology and operate at 10G and 1G speeds simultaneously.

QuantaBits Inc. has introduced a new 10-Gbps GEPON optical line terminal (OLT) and a 10-Gbps optical networking unit (ONU). The company says the new products are aimed at Internet service providers, data center administrators, and telecommunications providers to help them overcome capacity, speed, and quality of service limitations in today’s transport services.

The new equipment can be integrated with existing 1-Gbps technology and operate at 10G and 1G speeds simultaneously on the same fiber, says QuantaBits. The units have the ability to transmit data up to 50 miles and an improved split rate of 64 ONUs per PON port to ensure a quick and efficient deployment.

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Additional benefits offered by the new products include more efficient inbound and outbound traffic management, resulting in reduced latency and the most economical means of data transfer available. The equipment also offers software-defined networking (SDN), remote provisioning, and management inside each system, including a web-based graphical user interface, the company adds.

"Our network equipment allows for higher utilization and a quicker return on investment," says QuantaBits CEO Dan Horan. "Our EPON solutions not only deliver more bandwidth but are also priced significantly lower than the current GPON- and GEPON-based solutions offered today by Alcatel-Lucent, Calix, Ciena, and Cisco Systems." QuantaBits claims that its product consumes up to 70% less power than competitors, which reduces operational costs and the overall cost of ownership.

The 1G and 10G products have recently been successfully trialed by one of the largest university systems in the US as well as a Middle Eastern communications agency.

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Source: Lightwave

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