Analysis: 70% of data center outages directly attributable to human error

New APC-Schneider Electric white paper describes essential elements of data center facility operations.

A new white paper from APC-Schneider Electric contends that "a properly designed, implemented, and supported operations and maintenance (O&M) program will minimize risk, reduce costs, and even provide a competitive advantage for the overall business the data center serves. A poorly organized program, on the other hand, can quickly undermine the design intent of the facility putting its people, IT systems, and the business itself at risk of harm or interruption."

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The paper's executive summary states that 70% of data center outages are directly attributable to human error, according to the Uptime Institute’s analysis of their “abnormal incident” reporting (AIR) database. This figure highlights the critical importance of having an effective operations and maintenance (O&M) program, says APC-Schneider Electric.

Entitled Essential Elements of Data Center Facility Operations, the white paper describes several unique management principles for data centers and provides a comprehensive, high-level overview of the necessary program elements for operating a mission critical facility efficiently and reliably throughout its life cycle. Practical management tips and advice are also given.

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