Cloud computing migration: Too much hassle? Too much hype?

Systems integration, infrastructure, IT management obstacles abound, says new report.

Network World's Emily Messmer reports that "a substantial number of businesses say cloud computing security challenges are daunting, and the costs higher than they originally [recognized]."

As cited by Messmer, consultancy firm KPMG International's new "Cloud Survey" report reveals that some of the major problems that organizations encounter in trying to move to the cloud include "failure to address changes that were needed in business-process redesign, IT management capabilities, systems integration, infrastructure and various IT 'configurations' involved in the transition process."

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Many of those surveyed reportedly indicated that misconceptions about the full implications of adopting cloud-based services arose due to "vendor hype" and technology confusion. One-third of respondents said the cost of moving to the cloud were higher than they expected, mainly because they belatedly discovered that the migration involved more changes in their existing businesses and IT architectures than they'd originally thought.

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