Data center photoblog trumpets 'symphony of cables'

Equinix is the latest company to sound the clarion meme of "data centers as art."

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Image Source:Equinix 'InterConnections' blog

Sounding the clarion meme of "data centers as art," a photoblog from the social media arm of mission-critical facilities provider Equinix showcases impressive photos of the company’s SV1 and SV5 data centers in San Jose.

The images show colorful overhead trays housing miles of cabling for interconnections, as well as examples of cable distribution occuring outside of customer cages for better security and speed of installation. “Do you love the symphony of cables like we do?” asks Equinix’s Phil Schwarzmann, the blog's author.

The article is only the latest example of data center companies highlighting the visual aesthetics of their mission-critical facilities.

Full story:10 Beautiful Photos of Equinix SV1 and SV5 Data Centers (

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