What will the data center of 2015 look like?

Feb. 22, 2013
The data center of 2015 will look very different from the data center of today, speculates Hitachi Data Systems.

A new white paper from Hitachi Data Systems speculates that the data center of 2015 will look very different from the data center of today. The company contends that the data center of the near-future will be built on a more flexible infrastructure to support both traditional IT and newer cloud environments.

That infrastructure, states Hitachi, "will be based on the virtualization, convergence and automation of all layers of the data center, including servers, networks and storage. It will make the future data center agile enough to deliver the services needed to run tomorrow’s business."

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The white paper's further premise is as follows: "To transition to the data center of 2015, IT must address increasing storage volume. It must answer the need for velocity to drive the fast input and output of data. Further, it must provide the ability to store a variety of data types and use them to gain value through better problem resolution, innovation and decision-making."

"Cloud computing brings a wealth of possibilities. However, the data center of today does not have the infrastructure to effectively support cloud computing. Fortunately, a converged and end-to-end virtualized architecture solves data complexity and growth while simplifying and standardizing deployment and managing the infrastructure."

"Businesses that lay the proper data center foundation for the future stand to transform data growth into meaningful, actionable information. The vision for the data center of 2015 is about stepping ahead of the curve to support cloud services and accelerate business innovation, ensuring success for years to come."

View/download the white paper.

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