Siemon launches new data center infrastructure website

Siemon's new Data Center Infrastructure Solutions site provides access to the company's range of data center solutions and design services and features customer case studies that elevate the importance of data center cabling as a strategic asset for enterprises.

Siemon has launched its new Data Center Infrastructure Solutions site (, which provides access to the company's wide range of data center products and design services, as well as customer case studies which elevate the importance of data center cabling as a strategic asset.

The site's intuitive design allows end users and data center professionals to quickly navigate through Siemon's data center solutions supporting two to three generations of network switches, servers and storage devices. Featured products include shielded and unshielded copper solutions from the company's Z-MAX Category 6A line, to its TERA-brand Category 7A/class FA end-to-end systems, multimode and singlemode fiber cabling systems and plug-and-play assemblies; as well as intelligent infrastructure management, interoperable high-speed interconnect systems, and a comprehensive line of data center cabinets, cable management, and cooling and power systems that optimize space and energy efficiency.

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“With 70% of network problems attributed to poor cabling and cabling upgrades being the most disruptive, labor-intensive portion of a data center, it is important for customers to do it right the first time and to understand the importance of the cabling infrastructure to last 10, 15 or more years,” says Robert Carlson, vice president of global marketing at Siemon. “As Siemon has focused more on data centers over the last decade with many high-performance product innovations for this critical space, we also felt to need to develop a more data center-focused portion of our website, making it easier for end users and data center professionals to access the standards information, educational tools and solutions they need to succeed.”

From the site, users can learn about how a high-performance, reliable cabling system is critical to data center infrastructure, receive guidance on selecting and designing the cabling infrastructure upon which data centers rely, and access a variety of educational tools such as Siemon’s online Standards Informant resource for the latest standards information, informative data center white papers and a free data center e-book, Deploying Managing and Security an Efficient Physical Infrastructure.

Dozens of current customer case studies offer an close look into how Siemon is helping data center customers in markets around the world achieve a standards-based data center infrastructure that offers high-speed performance, enhanced cabling management, superior thermal management and power efficiency for maximum uptime and reliability.

Visit Siemon’s Data Center Infrastructure Solutions website.

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