MEF announces Global Ethernet Networking 2014 event

MEF says its GEN14 event will define the future of network-enabled cloud, data, and mobile services powered by Carrier Ethernet 2.0, SDN, and virtualization technologies.

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), the industry consortium for Carrier Ethernet technology, announced that it will launch its industry-wide Global Ethernet Networking (GEN14) conference at the Gaylord National center in Washington, D.C. on November 17-20, 2014. In a press release, the consortium asserts that the MEF GEN14 event "will define the future of network-enabled cloud, data, and mobile services powered by Carrier Ethernet 2.0, SDN, and virtualization technologies."

According to MEF, "GEN14 will assemble an unprecedented lineup of CE, SDN, NFV, and network-enabled cloud services market leaders to map out the evolution of Carrier Ethernet and other wide area network services in the context of a paradigm shift that is reshaping the data services and networking landscape. This paradigm shift promises to accelerate the ability of CE network operators to develop and deliver more dynamic, customized, and scalable services and applications to many more locations over much more efficient, agile, and interconnected networks."

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“The MEF created from zero the $45+ billion global Carrier Ethernet services and technology market in just nine years with a powerful collaborative framework where service providers and equipment vendors from around the globe defined the specifications and certifications that underpin this now-dominant WAN technology,” comments Nan Chen, president of the MEF. “GEN14 gives us an extraordinary opportunity to bring together the industry movers and shakers to build upon this strategy and take CE-powered networks and services to a whole new level of innovation."

With a target audience exceeding 1,200 attendees, GEN14 is billed as "the must-attend networking event" for senior professionals involved in the Carrier Ethernet (CE) services and technology industry that consists of: retail, wholesale, and mobile service providers; data center providers; cloud service providers; mid-to-large businesses; government organizations; network solutions vendors; the press; analysts; and others.

"We are excited about breaking down the barriers between next-generation Carrier Ethernet and emerging disruptive technologies to help realize the vision of automated and dynamic networking that will dramatically boost service provider and end-user productivity in the years ahead,” concludes the MEF's president Chen. For more information, visit, contact MEF GEN14 program director Stan Hubbard at 804.822.6620, or email

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