Tray-mounted cabinet saves data center rack space

Dec. 3, 2013
The tML-Duo from tde can house the company’s own cabling system and other passive or active components.

trans data elektronik GmbH (tde) recently introduced tML-Duo, a 19-inch cabinet that mounts directly underneath a mesh cable tray. “This space-saving and multifunctional mounting can be easily attached to the mesh tray above the server rack without tools,” the company explained. With its two height units, it additionally offers enough space for tde’s own plug-and-play cabling system, tde Modular Link, or other passive as well as active components.” This mounting method enables data centers to optimize the use of space above the server rack, tde added. The cabinet allows for tool-less installation thanks to its knurled screws, tde said.

The company said tML-Duo’s introduction follows the trend of relocating network cabling from a raised floor to a cable tray system. “This way, it is easier to reach the cabling, to rearrange it if necessary, and it is more energy-efficient because the air in the raised floor can circulate better,” tde noted.

In addition to saving space within the floor-mounted rack or cabinet, using the tray-mounted tML-Duo enables the use of short patch cables, “since the server ports can be patched directly from the tML-Duo to the server,” the company noted. “The result is a cabling system structured through-and-through.”

tde’s chief executive officer Andre Engel said, “Time-saving recabling, easy access to the network cabling system as well as energy efficiency are requirements which modern data centers have to meet. This new tML-Duo meets these demands and in combination with our plug-and-play-capable tML system, it optimally uses the limited space in the server rack.”

The company explained that when deploying the tML cabling system within the tML-Duo cabinet, “network technicians firstly lay out the cables in the mesh tray above the server rack, mount the 19-inch cabinet for cable trays underneath the mesh tray and subsequently implement the tML modules. After connecting the trunk cables on the back of the module, the system is ready for use.”

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