City of Seattle selects Rackwise DCIM

City standardizes on the Rackwise DCiM X platform for single-view control and planning of all IT related assets.

Rackwise, a developer of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software and services, announced that the City of Seattle’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) has selected the Rackwise DCiM X solution to manage information technology (IT) assets and infrastructure across all departments and agencies serving the city.

According to Rackwise, the city's progressive approach to expanding and integrating technology into the daily operations of its government and management processes resulted in it earlier this year initiating a search and selection process for a solution to best meet current DCIM requirements, as well as future IT objectives set forth by the DoIT. After an extensive evaluation of available options, the city selected Rackwise DCiM X.

Guy A. Archbold, CEO of Rackwise, commented, “Seattle is one of our nation’s leading technology centers and we are particularly pleased and proud that the city’s Department of Information Technology selected our Rackwise DCiM X solution as an integral component of its current and prospective DCIM and information technology management strategies to maximize IT operational effectiveness across the city’s vast number of departments and agencies."

The city’s selection of the Rackwise DCIM solution reportedly took into account key characteristics including the platform's superior analytics and robust reporting, including comprehensive tool sets for enabling more efficient and effective asset tracking and management, as well as power, cabling and overall IT operations management.

Also cited were: the DCIM's advanced planning and management capabilities, allowing for straightforward strategic modeling and assessment of future capacity requirements, projected data center consolidations or expansions, fault tolerances and disaster preparedness, business continuity and other essential strategies; the platform's ease-of-use, including user-friendly interfaces utilizing industry standard tools; its vendor-agnostic open architecture, enabling integration of multiple platforms and products; and its flexibility and scalability to support current and future needs.

Rackwise CEO Archibold concludes, "With information technology evolving as a central and critical operating metric for our major cities and other local public entities in delivering a variety of services to their citizens, it is extremely gratifying that among alternatives currently available, the City of Seattle designated Rackwise as their DCIM solution provider of choice, to optimize its IT operations and costs by continually enabling efficiencies, assuring the highest levels of reliability and discovering hidden capacity within the city’s IT infrastructure and computing environments.”

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