Long-range 40G data center transceivers leverage QSFP+ form factor

Applied Optoelectronics has introduced a new line of long-reach 40-Gbps optical transceivers.

Applied Optoelectronics (NASDAQ: AAOI) has introduced a new line of long-reach 40-Gbps optical transceivers based on the QSFP+ form factor and aimed at large data center networks. The new long-reach transceivers complement the company's previously announced short reach QSFP+ transceivers.

AOI says its products now cover all the distances that are commonly needed by data center operators. As 40-Gbps technology begins to augment 10 Gbps within the data center, having a complete product line at both data rates allows the company to offer the comprehensive portfolio expected by today's data center operators, the company asserts.

"We believe that our new QSFP+ SR4 and LR4 transceivers will allow our data center customers to seamlessly integrate 40 Gbps in both intra-rack and rack-to-spine applications, and represent a significant addition to our well-proven 10-Gbps SFP+ designs," comments Claire Szuma, sales manager of the network equipment and modules business unit at AOI-TW.

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AOI has based its 40-Gbps data center transceiver line on the QSFP+ form factor, rather than the CFP MSA, due to its smaller size and lower power consumption, she adds. This form factor is favored by many data center operators as it allows increased port density on the switch and reduces overall power consumption. The LR-4 configuration features four lanes each operating at 10.3 Gbps, for an aggregate data rate of 41.25 Gbps. The lanes operate on separate optical wavelengths and are optically combined within the QSFP+ transceiver to enable transmission over up to 10 km of singlemode fiber.

The new transceivers use AOI's in-house manufactured DFB lasers and silicon-photonics technology platform. By combining these two technological capabilities, AOI says it can deliver cost-effective 40-Gbps products with short delivery schedules. The new 40-Gbps QSFP+ transceivers also feature insertion/removal latches designed for ease of use in high-density switch and server port configurations, which are increasingly common in data centers. The transceivers are compliant with QSFP+ MSA SFF-6436 and IEEE 802.3ba-2010.


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