Schneider Electric unveils pre-fabricated data centers up to 2MW, plus reference designs

Factory-assembled IT, power, and cooling modules enable rapid deployment.

To aid data center operators in their on-going quest for increased capacity at reduced cost, Schneider Electric has introduced 15 new prefabricated data center modules and 14 "industry-first" data center reference designs.

The prefabricated data center modules deliver IT, power, and/or cooling integrated with best-in-class data center infrastructure components and Schneider Electric's StruxureWare Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software for an easy-to-deploy, predictable data center. Prefabricated modules range in capacities from 90kW to 1.2MW and are customizable to meet end user requirements. The reference designs detail complete data centers scalable in 250kW to 2MW increments and meet Uptime Tier II and Tier III standards.

Today’s increasingly digital business environment has led to rapidly growing demand for more flexible, scalable and quickly deployable data centers, contends the company. As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric sees modular expansion as the most compelling option for data center and facilities managers looking to optimize and expand.

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“Today’s business environment demands data centers that are increasingly more flexible and scalable with an emphasis on deployment speed,” comments Kevin Brown, vice president, Data Center Global Offer and Strategy, Schneider Electric. “Prefabricated data centers enable data center managers to maximize the speed of business through rapid installation, easy expansion and improved cash management. This prefabricated approach inherently increases the predictability of the build process, since most of the construction occurs in a factory instead of in the field.”

Prefabricated modules are delivered on-site preconfigured and pretested for an easy installation with a lead time of 12-16 weeks, depending on the level of project complexity. Site preparation and module production can be completed concurrently, resulting in minimized on-site construction and deployment time. Various module options and configurations enable the infrastructure to be deployed and scaled as needed to meet demand.

Products are available for immediate ordering in North America. Prices vary based on specific design and customization. Learn more about Schneider Electric’s modular data centers.

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