Reducing bypass airflow eliminates data center hotspots

April 25, 2013
Why is cooling in computer rooms such a challenge?

Why is cooling in computer rooms such a challenge? A recent study from Upsite Technologies reveals that on average, computer rooms have nearly 3x more cooling than is required -- yet many are still having problems with hotspots.

Authored by Robert F. Sullivan Ph. D., the new white paper examines how bypass airflow is the main culprit in causing data center hotspots. Uptime Institute defines bypass airflow as conditioned air that does not reach computer equipment. In non-optimal environmental conditions, the air is instead escaping through cable cut-outs, holes under cabinets, misplaced perforated tiles, or even through holes in the computer room perimeter walls underneath the raised floor.

The white paper offers recommendations for addressing this growing, yet easy-to-solve, problem.

Read the white paper's Executive Summary.

See Uptime Institute's White Paper:
Reducing Bypass Airflow is Essential for Eliminating Computer Room Hot Spots

Download Upsite Technologies' Bypass Airflow Clarified white paper.

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