Schneider Electric boosts DCIM monitoring, power capabilities

Schneider Electric has introduced its StruxureWare for Data Centers v2.0.

Schneider Electric has introduced its StruxureWare for Data Centers v2.0, the latest release of its integrated suite of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software. Engineered to manage data centers across multiple domains, major updates to the StruxureWare DCIM include:

-- The addition of specialized applications for enhanced monitoring and management support for facility managers.

-- Additional power capping capabilities for further control of power consumption at the server level for improved IT management.

-- The new StruxureWare Portal for increased visibility into business and data center key performance indicators.

“Data center environments traditionally rely on siloed IT and facility management tools that alienated the executive team and made it difficult to optimize physical infrastructure while balancing efficiency and financial demands,” comments Soeren Brogaard Jensen, vice president, Solution Software, Schneider Electric.

Jensen continues, “With StruxureWare for Data Centers v2.0, Schneider Electric is providing a holistic approach to managing the data center by integrating IT, facilities and now the executive suite through the use of DCIM, allowing businesses to make the right decisions based on shared data -- helping them make the most of their energy.”

Read Schneider Electric's full press release of this announcement.

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