New data center metric identifies stranded cooling capacity

April 26, 2013
Learn about Upsite Technologies' Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) metric.

A new white paper from Upsite Technologies shows facilities managers how to calculate, benchmark, interpret and benefit from a simple, practical data center metric established by the company, dubbed the Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF).

The CCF is defined as the ratio of total running nameplate cooling capacity to 110% of the critical load. In many sites, there is excess cooling capacity and cooling problems; these are areas where IT equipment intake temperatures exceed desired maximums. According to Upsite, calculating the CCF reveals whether the cause is primarily a lack of capacity or poor airflow management.

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The white paper notes that computer rooms today have cooling capacity that is, on average, nearly four times the IT load. Upsite Technologies contends that taking CCF into account can uncover much stranded cooling capacity for significant data center cost savings. The CCF is a direct indicator of stranded capacity, contends the company.

View/Download the white paper here.

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