Data-center management software integrates Intel power- and thermal-management system

Modius's OpenData Enterprise Edition now offers more and deeper analysis of power and thermal issues.

Modius recently announced that its OpenData Enterprise Edition data center infrastructure management solution will integrate Intel's Data Center Manager (Intel DCM). Intel DCM is a data center power and thermal management suite that captures power and temperature data from IT equipment.

According to Modius, the integration of Intel DCM "will enhance OpenData Enterprise Edition with increased visibility and analytics by providing energy intelligence about critical IT and facilities assets, helping IT and data center managers better understand and manage the power consumption of their computing resources."

The company added that new functionality resulting from the integration includes the following.

  • Device- and rack-level capacity analysis with real-time alarming for power deviations
  • Device- and rack-level temperature analysis with real-time alarming for temperature deviations
  • End-to-end visibility of the power chain from the UPS to individual servers
  • Floor-level cold spot and hot spot identification and remediation

As a result, data center managers can enjoy improved efficiency and lower power costs, expanded data center capacity, and early notice of data center problems and potential outages, Modius says.

Intel's director of data center solutions, Jeffrey Klaus, explained, "OpenData dashboards and reorts with data from Intel DCM gives operators increased intelligence across a heterogeneous landscape of IT and facilities equipment."

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