Data center alarm-management package

Modius's OpenData Standard package offers unified monitoring for under $2k/user.

Modius has released OpenData Standard Edition, a data center software package that offers unified monitoring and alarm management for infrastructure equipment in the data center. Modius says its $1,995-per-user pricetag is a very low-cost option. It is available to data center managers in enterprises, colocation centers and other critical facilities. The Standard Edition package allows data center managers to capture alarms fron an unlimited number of devices and then direct them to a single management system.

Modius explains, "This unified approach simplifies data center management and dramatically lowers the risk of data center failure by eliminating the confusion of multiple unconnected alarm solutions. In addition to centralized alarm management, OpenData Standard Edition also allows operators to store and graph historical performance data, and then export it using standard data extraction tools."

The software developer also ofers OpenData Enterprise Edition, which provides advanced analysis and visualization of performance data, as well as data integration across multiple sites. Standard Edition is upgradeable to Etnerprise Edition.

"We heard data center managers discuss the need to replace legacy systems and unify alarming in the data center with a product that was both easy to implement and avaialable at a low cost," said Donald Klein, vice president of marketing and business development at Modius. "Based on the input we received, our engineers developed a 'light version' of the Modius alarm management engine, which allows users to capture alarms across the entire power and cooling chains, regardless of device type or manufacturer."

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