Data center controller tracks security, energy, other information

Raritan calls its EMX Controller 'the brain for pulling together intelligence gathered by remote sensors.'

The Smart Rack Controller (EMX) from Raritan provides information on data center operations collected from several types of sensors, including temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure, smoke, water and contact closure. The information the tool tracks comes from cameras as well as from Raritan's own electronic asset-tracking system.

The company explains, "At a glance, operators can see if their data center is working at optimal temperature, monitor humidity and airflow in racks, locate a server's exact location, and see live views of the data center." The controller is an IP-based appliance. Raritan's own dcTrack (for asset, change and capacity management) and Power IQ (for energy management and data center monitoring) enable this enhanced level of visibility into data center operations. The system is also interoperable with other third-party data center management tools.

Herman Chan, director of Raritan's energy management business, stated, "We believe that smart racks are the best way to get accurate, real-time information on infrastructure performance. With today's introduction of the EMX smart rack solution, we are providing the brain for pulling together the intelligence gathered by remote sensors for a more accurate and clearer picture on what is happening in and around IT equipment and racks."

Find more info about EMX here.

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