Tilera unveils 100-core data center chip, challenging Intel, AMD in dense cloud server environments

The Tile-Gx 3000 series of data center integrated circuit (IC) chips includes a 100-core model optimized for use in cloud computing servers.

Tilera has released what it proclaims as "the ultimate cloud computing processor" for cloud computing servers in highly dense data center environments. The newly unveiled Tile-Gx 3000 series of data center integrated circuit (IC) chips includes a 100-core model, which according to the company can offer "up to 10x the performance per-watt" of Intel's SandyBridge and competitive silicon from AMD.

As reported by eWeek's Jeffrey Burt:

Tilera, which has been selling chips since 2007, unveiled the new family June 21, with officials arguing that large Web-based companies with massive data centers are demanding greater improvements in performance and energy efficiency than the traditional x86-based vendors are offering.

“If you look at the top-tier Websites, they have huge data centers, and what they get from Intel and AMD is incremental improvements,” Ihab Bishara, director of server solutions at Tilera, said in an interview with eWeek. “That is not enough.”

Tilera offers these customers an “order of magnitude” of improvements, Bishara said. [The company] is one of a growing number of vendors looking to address the demands of these businesses that are looking for fast, smaller servers that are highly energy-efficient to populate very dense data centers.

Elsewhere on the Web, in an informative Q&A with Bishara, who is also Tilera's chief of marketing, ZDNet UK declared that the company is "set to chase Intel into the cloud" by "eliminating the latency bottlenecks that plague Intel's x86 designs."

"We're not looking to replace Intel," said Bishara, as quoted in a separate interview by Joseph F. Kovar at CRN. "We're targeting only 20 percent of the market -- the fastest-growing part of the market -- focused on the cloud. Cloud customers run a limited number of apps in a server. So they need servers optimized for their apps."

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