Data center collocation 10G fiber transport platform drives Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand services

Oct. 25, 2011
MRV Communications claims that its Fiber Driver High Density 10 Gigabit Transport Solution may enable data center rack space savings of 45% to 60%, depending on mode configuration.

Data center collocation and hosting companies seeking to overcome critical space and power constraints will benefit from the versatility of the Fiber Driver High Density 10 Gigabit Transport Solution from MRV Communications (PINK: MRVC). MRV says the new multi-service platform addresses Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand transport protocols from a single unit with full management access.

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"The [Fiber Driver High Density 10G Transport Solution] allows these customers to address two of the key pain points they are currently experiencing -- space in the data center and power usage -- with improved functionality in the areas of density, power efficiency and ease of use as well as flexibility and inventory management," comments Zeev Draer, vice president of strategic marketing for MRV's optical communications systems division.

According to MRV, the new platform supports up to 60 channels of 10G per stackable Fiber Driver chassis and provides up to 80 channels in 8U of rack space, resulting in a data center rack space savings of 45% to 60% depending on mode configuration, MRV reckons.

The unit also achieves a Telecommunications Equipment Energy Efficiency Rating (TEEER) of 10.28 to 10.55 (depending on configuration), which the company notes is well above the minimum industry standard transport rating of 7.54. (Or, to put it another way, customers get more than 8x the bandwidth at 25% of the power consumption compared to the minimum industry standard. The TEEER rating is a Verizon Green System Energy Efficiency Rating on a scale from one (least efficient) to ten (most efficient).

MRV says the 10G Fiber Driver units can be reused at different locations within a facility in the network to maximize the value of the investment. The platform also provides customers with simplified scalability; operators can start with a single Fiber Driver chassis and add modules as their network capacity grows.

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Source: Lightwave

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