Rack-level power-management system gets upgraded

Server Technology Inc.'s Sentry Power Manager 5.0 includes an API that enables a 'singe-pane-of-glass' view into power consumption.

Server Technology Inc. has released Version 5.0 of its Sentry Power Management (SPM) solution - a package that, according to Server Technology's president Brandon Ewing, measures, monitors and trends power at the rack or device level within a data center. "The SPM solution provides the critical power information from IT equipment that data center management needs to make informed decisions about power and energy use," Ewing said. He also described SPM 5.0 as, "a world-class interface with a single pane of glass view to manage an entire cabinet power distribution network ... new functionality and flexibility."

Senior director of software and firmware for Server Technology, Calvin Nicholson, said that SPM 5.0's new user interface "brings an intuitive, world-class design and functionality to our solution, enhancing the CDU [cabinet power distribution unit] monitoring and management capabilities, especially with all the innovative features we've added. Users can set up their own custom network operations center views for whatever they want to see, from global dashboard views down to each CDU, each cabinet, each location. The new icon-based management functionality makes it easy."

The company further explained that the SPM package can serve as a user interface to cabinet power information and/or as a middleware solution, integrating witha variety of existing data center infrastructure management solutions. SPM provides data center power and environmental information via an application programming interface (API) for that "single-pane view" that Ewing described. Server Technology added that the system allows user to manage their entire CDU network for discovery, setup, configuration and firmware upgrades, and receive email alerts as well as SNMP trap forwarding and alarms. The package can also monitor CDUs from other manufacturers.

Server Technology outlines SPM 5.0's new features and functionality as follows.

  • User-defined customer NOC views
  • Circuit and line management
  • Improved scheduling
  • Intelligent data grid management
  • Enhanced search
  • Automatic firmware upgrades
  • Global thresholds
  • Integrated online help

You can find out more detail about Sentry Power Manager 5.0 here.

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