PDI simplifies data center power management

July 27, 2011
Power Distribution, Inc. has optimized its WaveStar BCMS Hub system as "a means to instantly gain eye-level visibility into a data center's power consumption."

Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI) announced the fusion of its WaveStar BCMS Hub system with its PowerWave Bus system for mission-critical data center power management. The company says combined platform simplifies data center power management by providing a centralized display monitor, capturing each PowerWave device's real time, power-load information through a touch screen panel or sharing the power information with building management systems via SNMP or Modbus RTU protocols.

In addition, the integrated offering is capable of collecting information from up to 32 PowerWave Bus end feeds as well as all associated tap off boxes in the data center. PDI's Vice President of Marketing, Service, Dave Mulholland, elaborated on why his company's innovation is needed within data centers.

"In today's era of 7x24 data consumption, data center managers must be able to effectively measure, monitor, and then manage power consumption to maximize server utilization," Mulholland said. "To address this need, PDI has developed the WaveStar BCMS Hub as a cost-effective and easy means to instantly gain eye-level visibility into a data center's power consumption, while also providing statistical graphs and customizable reports for trending insights and power analysis."

According to PDI, the standard WaveStar BCMS Hub for the PowerWave Bus System includes:

-- Real-time voltage or current information from end feeds or tap off boxes.

-- Reporting through either Modbus RTU or SNMP protocol, or an embedded Web server accessible through a TCP / IP address.

-- WaveStar monitor to graphically show each BCMS-enabled panel board.

-- Power consumption reporting software with embedded, exportable Microsoft Excel files.

-- Open access to the reporting functions for easy report creation.

-- Convenient, eye-level mounted monitor -- as opposed to a local monitor in the end feed of the bus, requiring a ladder to read and manage power.

The company says the new hub also offers the ability to view real-time alarms and power measurements through TCP / IP connections that collect information from all downstream BCMS-enabled power quality products in a data center.

More Info:www.pdicorp.com

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